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Don Hammond is calm and rational. He listens to all sides of an issue and gathers all the facts before making a decision.  A native of Nyack he understands the history of Nyack and and will make decisions for all the residents.  As a trustee on the Village Board he was part of decisons which have kept our tax increase at zero for the past two years.  As a director of Meals-on-Wheels he has proven leadership abilities which will benefit  us all.

John H. Shields, Former Mayor of Nyack

Nyack, NY

Don has served our community as a Nyack School Board Trustee; a Trustee and Deputy Mayor of the Village of Nyack; a member of Nyack's Planning Board (appointed by yours truly); and as the CEO and President of the Rockland Chapter of Meals on Wheels. I am very pleased to endorse Don for Mayor. He will do a great job.

Richard Kavesh, Former Mayor of Nyack

Nyack, NY

Don is as steady as they get, as decent as they come and just a plain fine person.  As Deputy Mayor, he worked tirelessly to solve problems, to carefully listen to all points of view on controversial issues and to protect those in our community who struggle the most.  His attention to detail is above reproach, his passion for good financial practices, good management practices and protection of taxpayer owned money and property is beyond compare. Don Hammond's lifelong devotion to helping improve everyone's life is only one part of the man who should clearly be our next Mayor. 


Jen Laird White, Mayor of Nyack

Nyack, NY

The thing I like most about Don is how thoughtful and clear thinking he is . He has shown that he is open and willing to meet with everyone in order to listen to different points of view. For me personally , I believe he is the right choice for navigating this important next leg for our Villages future.

Nancy Blaker Weber, Former Mayor of Nyack

Nyack, NY

A quote from John Quincy Adams reminds me of Don Hammond's leadership qualities,  "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."


Don is quintessentially Nyack in all it's aspects. A true native son of Nyack who cherishes all the past has come represent, while always thinking about Nyack's best days ahead. Knowing that Don Hammond continues to dedicate himself to public service by leading our Village is one main reasons we moved to Nyack. Don Hammond has our respect, admiration and endorsement for Mayor.


Paul and Mary Adler

Nyack, NY

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dates and events

March 02, 2019

Working Families Petition

If you are a member of the Working Families and would like to carry Don's nominating petition, please contact the campaign through this website or Don directly. The timing is the same as the Democratic petitions.

February 20, 2019

Designating Petitions

Designating petitions for the Democratic Line for the November election begins next Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

Don, volunteers and Democratic Committee members will be walking petitions through March 26th.


If you want to help Don with signatures towards becoming the Democratic nominee for Mayor in the the primary on June 25, 2019 you need to be:

1. A registered Democrat in the state of NY.

In order to SIGN petitions in support of Don, you need to be:
1. A registered Democrat in the state of NY and,
2. live within the Village of Nyack.


If you are interested in carrying for Don in your neighborhood, even if it's just a single sheet of signatures, please email us at: info@donhammondformayor.com 

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