Hammond’s Highlights, Special TZ Vista Edition

Don Hammond reports on the Nyack Village Board and his Hammond Highlights shouts out to groups in the community and appear each week in The Villages, a regular Monday feature on NyackNewsAndViews.com. This column appeared on March 27, 2017 and is reproduced with kind permission of NNaV.

by Don Hammond

Public engagement and input are essential in getting the TZ Vista project implemented in a way that best benefits the village. The Village of Nyack is at the beginning of the process and there will be a number of meetings where the village will receive feedback as well as receive public input for how to move forward.

Last week’s Joint Planning Village Board Workshop on the proposed project, held in order to provide the applicant an opportunity to present their proposed project to both boards, was well-attended and informative. It was decided that the village board will be responsible for considering the Special Permit portion of the process and the Planning Board will be responsible for reviewing the site plan. Nyack’s Architectural Review Board will review the project in relation to design guidelines.

As the Planning Board has voted itself the lead agency on the project, PB Chair Peter Klose presided over the meeting. Presenters included the village planning consultant, the applicant’s attorney, planner and the DCAK-MSA principal architect.

After a virtual tour of the project, the applicant’s planner went over zoning issues relevant to the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), currently in process. That review has included potential impacts to state and local historic properties (the John Green House), endangered or threatened species, wetlands/floodplains, sea level rise, schools, traffic and parking. Traffic was addressed in some detail; studies done at five different locations along Main Street, High Street, Piermont Ave, Broadway and Gedney intersections. A parking utilization survey of a number of locations during peak and weekend hours is also ongoing.

Nyack residents in attendance raised a number of additional issues to be addressed, including: view loss of upland homes; tax revenue differential between rental and condo units; potential village liability for the bulkhead during extreme sea level rise; traffic and parking impacts on Sundays when the Nyack Boat Club is active; and expansion of the parking and traffic studies to include First Avenue and other streets that may be affected by the proposed project. Both planners noted that a number of these issues were already being addressed, and agreed that those that were not should be included in ongoing studies.

No action was taken at the joint meeting by either board. Neither the Village Board nor the Planning Board can grant any approvals until completion of the SEQR process. Additional information and supporting documents for this project can be found at Nyack-NY.gov.

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