Game on!

Don's campaign is officially underway. We celebrated with a lovely garden party at the home of Heidi Broecking, Don's campaign manager and Steve Knowlton, Chair of the Nyack Zoning Board. It was a warmer than usual night in May but it made for a perfect early evening gathering. Light refreshments and drink generously given by local business were served. Special thanks to: Nyack Gourmet; 8 North Broadway; Casa del Sol; Brickhouse; Brooklyn Bread; Maura's; La Fontana; Nyack Wine Cellar and Rite-Buy Liquors.

Also many thanks to Kris Burns and her amazing floral design prowess. Her beautiful early spring centerpiece brought such wonderful color to the porch.

Please go to the PHOTOS section of the site to see images from the evening.

Flowers from Festoon

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