Social Media Errors. Again.

There was a recent Facebook post about a potential/proposed housing project on upper Main Street that includes the tearing down of two houses and building a housing complex of twenty-six units. That post included incorrect information.

First, the Facebook post stated that the proposed project was the result of zoning changes related to the Comprehensive Master Plan. The project was originally discussed at a Village Board meeting almost eight months before the CMP was adopted. The architect and builder came to the Village Board seeking permission to close Main Street to traffic for a few days while prefabricated units were installed on the site.

Second, the current proposal does not seek a variance for height. Our code, like many village and town codes, has a contradicting element. It allows for forty feet in height but only three stories. The applicant in this instance does not wish to add additional height but, rather, to build a project with four stories within the allowed forty feet of height. To do so, they would need a variance for number of stories. You can go to the building department to see the options being proposed.

It is important that people who make statements on social media understand the facts about a project they are commenting on. Our building department is an excellent source of correct information and I urge people to visit the experts there, rather than rely on social media for information. There are a number of unanswered questions about this project, site and design elements, that need to be worked through. Those questions and details will be worked out through our established land use process and by our land use boards.

The Facebook post was inaccurate. Generally speaking, but particularly in our small village, we all need to ensure that we conduct due diligence before publishing information that is misleading. This happens far too much in our community and perfectly illustrates how easy it is to propagate inaccurate information on social media outlets.

It is very important that our community leaders and Village Board members are thoughtful and work problems through in an intelligent and methodical manner. There are processes in place for that reason exactly. Sometimes, even when the process has been followed to the letter, there will be those unhappy with the outcome.

Village government is no place for innuendo and baseless statements. When you're voting, please think carefully about how you want your village government to represent our community.

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