December Weekly Updates from MaDH

December 31, 2018

Our focus on parking has been to provide additional overnight parking to residents in our downtown area. We approved shifting some overnight parking regulations to provide additional parking spaces on Lydecker Street (from North Broadway to Gedney) and High Ave (from North Franklin to North Broadway). The next move will be to offer similar changes on North and South Franklin.Staff and board have been discussing different options and the effect changes will have on the entire Village operations. Through careful and thorough discussions with DPW, the Parking Authority staff and the Village Board have come up with solutions that work to the benefit of downtown residents and have minimal impact on Village operations.

DPW and Parking staff have been working diligently to post signs and map out the process to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. The Village is currently working on the acquisition of a new system of pay-by-plate muni meters. There will be an app available for their use and traditional methods of payment (coin, credit and debit cards) will be accepted as well. Stay tuned for updates. To ensure that cyclists, pedestrians and all can enjoy our streets more safely, the Village adopted a complete streets resolution on December 13th. To learn more about complete streets, visit the NYS Department of Transportation’s website summary of complete streets.

December 24, 2018

As many of you know, the much anticipated Bartaco will not be coming to Nyack’s waterfront. This news was a let down to us all, but it also provides an opportunity to make our waterfront a vibrant area where people can dine and enjoy the picturesque views. Over the next few months, we will be looking at the site to assess what our next steps will be for the site. During this holiday season let’s continue to support community members, friends and family to make this Village an incredible place.

December 17, 2018

As trees are lit for the season, a reminder that green isn’t just for the holiday season. Green, energy efficiency is a goal we should set year round. The Village of Nyack is proud to announce that we have started benchmarking energy use at the Village Hall, this is just one of many steps that we are taking to make our Village a greener and more sustainable place to live. You can track our energy efficiency, by reading the first round of reports for Nyack Village Hall.

December 10, 2018

Exciting things are happening in Nyack. We are fortunate to have an array of talented business owners and artists in our town. Just this month our very own Karenderya was selected as one of the top 20 restaurants to visit in the United States. We had an indoor farmer’s market at the begging of the month filled with skilled artisans.

And we are lucky to have photos of Nyack by late Dr. Arnold Roufa on our website. Known as the “photo doctor,” Dr. Roufa took spectacular photos of the Hudson River. Thank you to his wife, Arlene, for sharing these picturesque works with us.

This holiday season, let’s embrace the wonderfulness of our village and support local businesses by shopping, dining local and helping others. As many of you may already know 7 families were displaced from their home in a fire this week at Tallman Towers. As we learn more, we will post updates on the website.

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