Updating what's Underground

Why are all those pink markings on the roads in Nyack?

Throughout the Village utility surveyors have been marking the location of underground utilities.

This underground utility survey is the starting point of a multi-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to replace Nyack’s aging water distribution system. The CIP will provide a time-line of projects to replace water mains and the valves that control the flow of our potable water.

The Nyack Village Board has approved up to $10 million dollars in expenditures for this extensive CIP. In addition, the Village Board is applying for a grants to offset the cost of this ambitious project. The first phase of work is scheduled to begin in 2019. It will include water main and valve replacement on Upper Depew, High Avenue, and sections of West and Central Nyack that are part of the water distribution system within the Village limits.

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