Honoring Women in March

As part of our weekly initiative honoring women who have made unique and significant contributions to our Nyack community, we’re proud and happy to recognize Diana Green, in her 20th year as Founding Artistic Director of the Children’s Shakespeare Theatre.

A true Renaissance woman, Diana has directed over 65 full-length productions and also serves as the company’s fight choreographer and costume designer. Diana studied at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, MA, holds a BS in Journalism from Boston University and is an emerging playwright.

Diana has contributed in numerous ways to Nyack’s arts community, as a contributing artist to Art Walk and as the director of An Evening of Scenes with Hopper, performed at the Edward Hopper House in 2017 and 2018. In this work, Green brings figures in Hopper’s painting to life, creating dramatic back stories suggested by the paintings: New York Movie (1939), Automat (1927), Room in New York (1931), Conference at Night (1949) and Summertime (1943) to name a few. In June Diana will again be bringing this event to the Hopper House, but this time the pieces will be written, directed and performed by a group of formerly incarcerated people who will do all this under Diana’s guidance. This is a 3-way collaboration between Diana, The Hopper House and an organization called Rehabilitation Through the Arts which works in prisons such as Sing-Sing and Fishkill doing theater and dance with inmates.

Diana founded the Children’s Shakespeare Theatre in part for her own children, and the company is currently wrapping its 20th season. In that span of time they have presented over 90 excellent productions involving hundreds of Nyack and greater Rockland County children. The company has collaborated with a number of other organizations to extend their reach into schools and communities both here at home and as far away as Fort Worth, Texas and Stratford, Ontario. In 2016 CST was the representative from the United States at The World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Stratford, Ontario.

diana green

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