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Civics is not just for high schoolers, civic involvement is for everyone. Lawyers, doctors and other professionals take continuing education classes. We as citizens need to hone in on our skills to support our community. It is part of what it means to be American, contributing to a greater good, building a sense of unity in the neighborhood in which we live. This is what the American Creed series represents – it defines what it means to be American through the eyes of its citizens.

As Nyacker’s, we are fortunate to be one of 50 communities to have the American Creed program at our public library. This program is an invitation to get involved. As a member of the Nyack community, I have worked with many of you on the board of the YMCA and at Meals on Wheels. Both programs demonstrate what we are able to do together to support all the members of our community.

Take a chance to add your unique perspective – over the next several months there will be opportunities through the American Creed program to describe what it means to be American either through written prose, film making or art.

You are invited to a conversation with Mayor Don Hammond will be held in the Community Meeting Room of the Nyack Library on Wednesday, March 27th at 7pm.

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