NYSDOT awards Nyack $4.3 million

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has awarded the Village of Nyack $4.3 million for funding the “Safe Routes to School Project” for the Nyack Middle School under the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) – Congestions Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ). The funding from this grant will allow the Village to create a multi-use ADA-compliant sidewalk system for pedestrians and cyclists on the roads in the southwest section of the Village leading to the Nyack Middle School. The Village plans to install new sidewalks at sections where none currently exist and replace deteriorated sidewalks and install curb cuts at all intersections for handicapped accessibility. The project will also include pedestrian flashers in the immediate vicinity of the Nyack Middle School, which is vital for our children’s safety and all the residents of this densely populated neighborhood. Additionally, the project will make walking and biking to school safer for the children attending the Nyack Middle School who have no bus service.

This “Safe Routes to School” project will also enhance the walking and cycling experience through the addition of green infrastructure with new trees protected with bicycle safe grates and permeable sidewalks to allow drainage to replenish the ground moisture instead of emptying into storm drains. This will improve the stormwater management in the neighborhoods. The improvements from this award also further the implementation of the Village’s Master Plan for Bicycling and Pedestrian Safety. The Village of Nyack was selected through a competitive process and is pleased to accept this grant award.

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